Does Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Give The Wrong Impression?

September 17th, 2009 by admin

Many people that are looking for solutions to their smoking problem think that they need to do some kind of therapy to overcome what may be a life long habit or addiction.  (And I use that word addiction with hesitation and that’s a topic for another post.)  So what happens is they seek out the help of a hypnotherapist to help them with hypnotherapy stop smoking.

Well, there is really no such thing as hypnotherapy when it comes to stopping smoking or other behavioral change.  And there really is no need whatsoever to seek out a hypnotherapist, whatever that is.  A consulting hypnotist is far more effective and is the proper term for the hypnotist that will help you stop smoking.  Therapy is the treatment of a disease or a disorder.   Smoking is not a disease, nor is it a disorder.  What it is, is a bad, sometimes nasty habit.  Hypnotherapy stop smoking has become a common term that really doesn’t accurately describe the process that takes place.  When you see a hypnotist to stop smoking, you will learn how to properly use your mind so that you will be able to control that aspect of yourself that has to do with smoking.  It is not a therapeutic session, it is more like being taught or trained.

So what is a habit?  A habit is something that you learned to do, usually intentionally.  And you were required, or you desired to do this behavior often.  So often that the part of you that is responsible for storing your habitual responses, (your subconscious mind), decided to accept that particular behavior into it’s storage facility.  Once that happens, it becomes unnecessary for you to consciously be aware of doing the behavior, or of triggering that behavior.  It has been set up with all the parameters necessary for that behavior to run on it’s own.

This is really important, so listen up.  When any behavior becomes a habit, it has been determined by your subconscious mind to be an important behavior.  Your subconscious made that determination mostly on the basis that you did that behavior so often that it must be important to you.  Since the subconscious deems that behavior important, it will continue that behavior even if consciously you decide to stop it.  You weren’t able to make something a habit just by saying or thinking that you wanted it to be a habit, so why should you think that you’d be able to stop that habit by just saying or thinking you want to stop it?

No, that just doesn’t work that way.  Our subconscious mind is set up to protect us.  That protective quality is hard wired into us, and any behavior we do repeatedly is identified as a protective measure.  And that habit will be continued until it is replaced by another opposing behavior.  Because you cannot have two opposite behaviors running as habits at the same exact time.

One way to reset and change habits is by repeatedly doing an opposite behavior to the habit that is in place.  Repeat that new behavior enough times and it soon becomes the habit of choice.

With hypnotherapy stop smoking, or hypnosis to quit smoking, you will be able to perform mental rehearsal as a non smoker many times in quick succession.  This will help make that new more desirable behavior into the opposing habit that will replace the smoking habit.  This is just one of the ways that hypnotherapy stop smoking works to help you become a non smoker.  But to make this process really powerful a good hypnotist will first work to align the subconscious mind with that most important attribute of the subconscious, the need to be protective.  And the way that’s done is a topic for another post.

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How Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Works

September 10th, 2009 by admin

Many people hear about people stopping smoking using hypnotherapy stop smoking and they can’t understand how that is possible.  It seems foreign to them almost other worldly.  Because people go to see a hypnotist as a smoker and then leave being a non smoker.  Well it does seem like magic to me when you just read the outline of what happens.

But when you start to understand that we are capable of changing very quickly and we do it all the time it starts to seem less mystical.  And starts to make sense that we can change that quickly with the help of hypnosis to quit smoking.  Think about this…when you go to work you take on the identity of the worker.  You do all the things that’s expected of you as a worker.  If you are a laborer, part of a team of people doing work, following orders from management, you do whatever it is that is necessary to fit into your job description.  You become a follower and your identity is that of a follower of orders, and instructions in that situation.

Now when work is over you go home and let’s say your home life is that of a family man or woman.  When you come home you are in charge.   Perhaps you’re in charge of certain things at home, telling the kids to clean out their waste baskets and to bring them down to the garbage cans so that you or one of them can take them out for sanitation pick up. When at home you become the boss.  You’re identity changed and all it took was the distance and time it took to go from work to home.   Now you wouldn’t call that magic, but that’s really what happened.  You changed your identity.

So by using hypnotherapy stop smoking, the hypnotist is able to use an ability that you already have.  Of being able to change identities, and slip into different, sometimes opposite roles.  And when you take on the role of a non smoker, you have the sense and feeling that this is truly you!  You start to act and behave the part of a non smoker.  And the more often you do this the quicker you create the real habit of being a non smoker.  And I know that it is impossible for you to maintain two opposite habits at the very same time.  So when you create the habit of a non smoker, you allow your old unwanted habit of a smoker to lie dormant.  And that new behavior of a non smoker becomes the more desirable habit of choice.  And choice is your freedom.  Freedom from ever having, wanting or needing to smoke cigarettes ever again.

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Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking – We Are Born To Be Non Smokers

September 4th, 2009 by admin
Before Using Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

Many people look upon hypnotherapy stop smoking as something that is magical.  They aren’t sure why it works, or are suspicious as to whether people are successful at being a non smoker, or whether they just quit on their own and just used hypnosis as the excuse or the placebo to get them to quit.  Well there is a real reason why it’s so easy to quit when you use hypnotherapy stop smoking, and I’ll explain that for you in the rest of this article.

Smoking is not a natural act for human beings.  It is an unnatural act that was a learned behavior.  But unlike other learned behaviors that are natural, smoking is so very unnatural that it goes against what we are instinctively driven to do to survive.  This unnatural act is the cause of many problems, both real and acknowledged, and not yet recognized by the individual.  In other words, some of the bad effects of smoking we smokers  already feel taking it’s toll on our bodies.  And some of smoking’s bad effects are expected to happen, but we haven’t yet felt them.

The fact that smoking is such an unnatural act makes it easy to make the change, when this knowledge is correctly communicated with the part of our minds responsible for keeping us safe.  And do you know what part of the mind is responsible for our safety?  It’s the subconscious/unconscious mind.  That is where our instinctual behavior resides and where we keep the lessons of what we can do to keep us out of danger.

It is this subconscious mind that is being communicated with when you use hypnotherapy stop smoking.  By revealing to that part of your mind responsible for your safety and well being, you can change the incorrect lessons that were learned previously.  Those incorrect lessons will then be superceded by the improved information that is meant to keep you safe and secure.  And once accepted by the subconscious the new attitudes will lead to new more satisfying behaviors.

These new behaviors, when performed enough times, become the new habits of choice.  Once that occurs these new habits will be adhered to with the same tenacity that you have adhered to the smoking behavior.  It is just that quality that has made it difficult to stop smoking that is then used on your behalf to become a non smoker.

Take the time now to familiarize yourself with hypnotherapy stop smoking so that you can become free of the slavery of cigarettes forever.

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