How Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Works

September 10th, 2009 by admin

Many people hear about people stopping smoking using hypnotherapy stop smoking and they can’t understand how that is possible.  It seems foreign to them almost other worldly.  Because people go to see a hypnotist as a smoker and then leave being a non smoker.  Well it does seem like magic to me when you just read the outline of what happens.

But when you start to understand that we are capable of changing very quickly and we do it all the time it starts to seem less mystical.  And starts to make sense that we can change that quickly with the help of hypnosis to quit smoking.  Think about this…when you go to work you take on the identity of the worker.  You do all the things that’s expected of you as a worker.  If you are a laborer, part of a team of people doing work, following orders from management, you do whatever it is that is necessary to fit into your job description.  You become a follower and your identity is that of a follower of orders, and instructions in that situation.

Now when work is over you go home and let’s say your home life is that of a family man or woman.  When you come home you are in charge.   Perhaps you’re in charge of certain things at home, telling the kids to clean out their waste baskets and to bring them down to the garbage cans so that you or one of them can take them out for sanitation pick up. When at home you become the boss.  You’re identity changed and all it took was the distance and time it took to go from work to home.   Now you wouldn’t call that magic, but that’s really what happened.  You changed your identity.

So by using hypnotherapy stop smoking, the hypnotist is able to use an ability that you already have.  Of being able to change identities, and slip into different, sometimes opposite roles.  And when you take on the role of a non smoker, you have the sense and feeling that this is truly you!  You start to act and behave the part of a non smoker.  And the more often you do this the quicker you create the real habit of being a non smoker.  And I know that it is impossible for you to maintain two opposite habits at the very same time.  So when you create the habit of a non smoker, you allow your old unwanted habit of a smoker to lie dormant.  And that new behavior of a non smoker becomes the more desirable habit of choice.  And choice is your freedom.  Freedom from ever having, wanting or needing to smoke cigarettes ever again.

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