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September 4th, 2009 by admin
Before Using Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

Many people look upon hypnotherapy stop smoking as something that is magical.  They aren’t sure why it works, or are suspicious as to whether people are successful at being a non smoker, or whether they just quit on their own and just used hypnosis as the excuse or the placebo to get them to quit.  Well there is a real reason why it’s so easy to quit when you use hypnotherapy stop smoking, and I’ll explain that for you in the rest of this article.

Smoking is not a natural act for human beings.  It is an unnatural act that was a learned behavior.  But unlike other learned behaviors that are natural, smoking is so very unnatural that it goes against what we are instinctively driven to do to survive.  This unnatural act is the cause of many problems, both real and acknowledged, and not yet recognized by the individual.  In other words, some of the bad effects of smoking we smokers  already feel taking it’s toll on our bodies.  And some of smoking’s bad effects are expected to happen, but we haven’t yet felt them.

The fact that smoking is such an unnatural act makes it easy to make the change, when this knowledge is correctly communicated with the part of our minds responsible for keeping us safe.  And do you know what part of the mind is responsible for our safety?  It’s the subconscious/unconscious mind.  That is where our instinctual behavior resides and where we keep the lessons of what we can do to keep us out of danger.

It is this subconscious mind that is being communicated with when you use hypnotherapy stop smoking.  By revealing to that part of your mind responsible for your safety and well being, you can change the incorrect lessons that were learned previously.  Those incorrect lessons will then be superceded by the improved information that is meant to keep you safe and secure.  And once accepted by the subconscious the new attitudes will lead to new more satisfying behaviors.

These new behaviors, when performed enough times, become the new habits of choice.  Once that occurs these new habits will be adhered to with the same tenacity that you have adhered to the smoking behavior.  It is just that quality that has made it difficult to stop smoking that is then used on your behalf to become a non smoker.

Take the time now to familiarize yourself with hypnotherapy stop smoking so that you can become free of the slavery of cigarettes forever.

How Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Works

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