Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking – We Are Programmed To Succeed

August 31st, 2009 by admin

Do you know why it is so easy and quick for hypnotherapy stop smoking to change a smoker into a non smoker?  It’s because we are born non smokers.

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Because Smoking Is Not Glamorous

Each and every one of us smokers, whether we just started smoking yesterday or have been smoking for 50 years we were born a non smoker.  Whether we smoke a cigarette every other day or week, or smoke 2 or 3 packs a day, we were all born non smokers.

Think about this for a moment.  Smoke is something that every living organism afraid of.  Every living animal runs from smoke.  They will leave their lifelong home and possessions, hunting grounds and familiar territory in a flash to avoid smoke, and the ensuing fire.  You learned this lesson early on when you first watched the Disney film Bambi.  Every human being with the exception of firemen, run from smoke.

Smoke is an irritant to us.  If we get it in our eyes, we will tear up and blink in an effort to expel it from that sensitive tissue.  It hurts and is painful to all sensitive tissue.  We’ve been programmed to reject smoke whenever we come in contact with it.

Our first introduction to smoking was not a pleasant experience.  Having interviewed thousands of smokers, I found they concur in my observation that the first smoker’s experience was an unpleasant one.  We cough, our eyes get teary, we get dizzy and nauseous, we get headaches and sick to our stomach.  Smoking cigarettes for the first time is never a pleasant and comforting experience.

Our body’s reject smoking.  Our body’s response is telling us flat out, that smoking is something that we absolutely should not be doing.  Compare your first smoking experience to your first time having candy or sugar.  Our bodies are programmed to like sugar and sweetness.  Mother’s milk is sweet, so we won’t reject it.

Why do we smoke then, even when our bodies tell us not to?  Most of us smoke because of what we perceive smoking to be.  And that is all about mistaken notions as to what is important for us to survive.  And because we must survive, if we perceive that smoking is needed for survival we will do all in our power to learn to smoke so we survive.

With hypnotherapy stop smoking you will get in touch with that part of your body that is programmed to survive and correct the mistaken information put in there, and give you back your natural instinct to remove smoke from your influence.  The hypnotist is there to revive your instinctual programming so it is quick and easy.

Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking - We Are Born To Be Non Smokers

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  1. Melbourne hypnotherapy

    Wonderful posting . Very informative and descriptive one. This is very useful and valuable. Thanks for posting.

  2. hypnotherapy

    People should stop smoking..try hypnotherapy now..its not yet the end..just have that determination!

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