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August 13th, 2009 by admin

If you are looking for a way to stop smoking, hypnotherapy stop smoking is one of the quickest ways to become a non smoker.  Many people these days are looking to stop smoking cigarettes.  And for some this seems to be a difficult process.  Sometimes people have tried to quit and they failed to do so on their first attempt.  And some have tried numerous times and still failed to quit smoking.  For some of these people, if they quit anything at all, they have learned to quit trying to stop smoking.  And that’s not a good thing.

Smoking is something that we do not have to do.  Hypnotherapy stop smoking is a method to stop smoking cigarettes that makes it quick and easy to become a non smoker.  Probably the best stop smoking tip that you could use is to use hypnosis to quit smoking.

Because of the way most of us were first introduced to hypnosis, we probably have a mistaken notion of what hypnosis is and what it can do for us.  So let me just back up for a moment and give you a thumbnail sketch of the nuts and bolts of this powerful method to change your habits. 

If you are looking to stop smoking cigarettes and you call on the services of a hypnotist to use hypnotherapy stop smoking, you will be trained to achieve the hypnotic trance state.  And once in this trance state, where you are more open to new ideas, and more accepting of information, the hypnotist will supply your subconscious mind with suggestions for new behaviors.  Using the correct format, the hypnotist will then reinforce those suggestions and make sure that they are accepted by both your conscious and subconscious minds. 

So now you will have both your conscious and subconscious minds working together to build new behaviors and patterns that will help you become a non smoker in all of your life situations.  The interesting thing is that most people, after stop smoking hypnotherapy, experience no cravings, or withdrawal effects from eliminating cigarettes from their daily routine.

If you are honest with yourself and you remember back to your first smoking experience, you will remember that your body really did reject cigarettes.  You own body really did what it could to dissuade you from smoking.  You might have gotten dizzy or light headed.  You might have felt nauseous, or sick to your stomach.  You might have even coughed and spit out the foul taste from your mouth.  All of these responses were your body’s way of preventing you from ever starting to smoke.  All of this happened for a reason.

We were never made to be smokers.  All animals run away from smoke.  That is a programed response, an instinctual response for survival.  And it doesn’t matter if the smoke is made up of toxic poisons, or is just the burning of some inert substance.  Smoke is something that we instinctually avoid at all costs.  Our bodies have an innate knowledge of what we need to survive and what we need to avoid.  And smoke from any source we instinctively know to avoid.

So now you know that you instinctively physically want to quit, and if you’ve been trying to quit before, even if you’ve failed, we know that you consciously want to quit.  All that is needed is to get your subconscious onboard and know that it wants to stop smoking cigarettes and it is in it’s best interest to do so.

The quickest and easiest way to change the patterns, habits, and programming of the subconscious is with hypnotherapy stop smoking.  So even if you have tried in the past and failed, use hypnosis to quit smoking and you will become a non smoker for the rest of your life.

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Does Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Give The Wrong Impression?

September 17th, 2009 by admin

Many people that are looking for solutions to their smoking problem think that they need to do some kind of therapy to overcome what may be a life long habit or addiction.  (And I use that word addiction with hesitation and that’s a topic for another post.)  So what happens is they seek out the help of a hypnotherapist to help them with hypnotherapy stop smoking.

Well, there is really no such thing as hypnotherapy when it comes to stopping smoking or other behavioral change.  And there really is no need whatsoever to seek out a hypnotherapist, whatever that is.  A consulting hypnotist is far more effective and is the proper term for the hypnotist that will help you stop smoking.  Therapy is the treatment of a disease or a disorder.   Smoking is not a disease, nor is it a disorder.  What it is, is a bad, sometimes nasty habit.  Hypnotherapy stop smoking has become a common term that really doesn’t accurately describe the process that takes place.  When you see a hypnotist to stop smoking, you will learn how to properly use your mind so that you will be able to control that aspect of yourself that has to do with smoking.  It is not a therapeutic session, it is more like being taught or trained.

So what is a habit?  A habit is something that you learned to do, usually intentionally.  And you were required, or you desired to do this behavior often.  So often that the part of you that is responsible for storing your habitual responses, (your subconscious mind), decided to accept that particular behavior into it’s storage facility.  Once that happens, it becomes unnecessary for you to consciously be aware of doing the behavior, or of triggering that behavior.  It has been set up with all the parameters necessary for that behavior to run on it’s own.

This is really important, so listen up.  When any behavior becomes a habit, it has been determined by your subconscious mind to be an important behavior.  Your subconscious made that determination mostly on the basis that you did that behavior so often that it must be important to you.  Since the subconscious deems that behavior important, it will continue that behavior even if consciously you decide to stop it.  You weren’t able to make something a habit just by saying or thinking that you wanted it to be a habit, so why should you think that you’d be able to stop that habit by just saying or thinking you want to stop it?

No, that just doesn’t work that way.  Our subconscious mind is set up to protect us.  That protective quality is hard wired into us, and any behavior we do repeatedly is identified as a protective measure.  And that habit will be continued until it is replaced by another opposing behavior.  Because you cannot have two opposite behaviors running as habits at the same exact time.

One way to reset and change habits is by repeatedly doing an opposite behavior to the habit that is in place.  Repeat that new behavior enough times and it soon becomes the habit of choice.

With hypnotherapy stop smoking, or hypnosis to quit smoking, you will be able to perform mental rehearsal as a non smoker many times in quick succession.  This will help make that new more desirable behavior into the opposing habit that will replace the smoking habit.  This is just one of the ways that hypnotherapy stop smoking works to help you become a non smoker.  But to make this process really powerful a good hypnotist will first work to align the subconscious mind with that most important attribute of the subconscious, the need to be protective.  And the way that’s done is a topic for another post.

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 Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking – Why Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Works.

August 16th, 2009 by admin

Most smokers these days want to become non smokers.  Smoking is seen as a liability in many ways.  Health, and societal pressures are pushing smokers to become non smokers.  And hypnotherapy stop smoking is the most effective way to stop smoking cigarettes today.

Our mind is divided into a couple of different parts.  These parts have different responsibilities as described below.

The conscious mind is responsible for reasoned thought, and analytical decisions.  It is also responsible for directing our intentions.  Beginning stages of deciding what is important for us to do in the present moments of our life and in the near and distant future.

The subconscious mind is responsible for our habits, our emotions, and our long term memories.  It is also in charge of protecting us to the point that all of our behaviors from the subconscious are designed to protect us in one way or another.

By understanding the differences between our conscious and subconscious, we can create an understanding as to what motivates us to do certain things, and how we can use that motivation strategy to do what we consciously want to do.

Now those of us that want to quit smoking, but are having difficulty, obviously have the conscious mind on board with becoming a non smoker.  If consciously, you want to be a non smoker, but are having trouble following through on that thought, it’s an indication that your subconscious thinks otherwise, and is preventing that from happening.

When there is a conflict between our analytical reasoning mind and our feeling mind, our feeling mind always wins out.  Think about the last important item you purchased.  You might’ve spent a bunch of time comparing the different qualities of the competing items.  You might have compared features and benefits, and prices and services.  When you had all of that sorted out, you were ready to make a decision on what item or service to buy.  At that point you went ahead and bought what you felt was the right choice.  And once that decision was made, you used all that analytical data you collected ahead of time to support that emotional decision.

That is how powerful our feeling mind is.  It always trumps the rational/analytical mind.  So now if you can be honest with yourself you will understand that even though you consciously want stop smoking cigarette, you really don’t feel like quitting smoking.

So here’s the stop smoking tip of a lifetime.  You need to get the subconscious mind inline with the desires of the conscious mind.  Get both minds on the same page.  And that is exactly what can be accomplished using hypnotherapy stop smoking.  When you use stop smoking hypnotherapy you put the subconscious on track for success.  When both minds work together anything can be accomplished.  That’s what they mean when they say to put your mind to it.

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